Spare parts

We deliver original spare parts from centrifuge manufacturers or we use alternative products of high quality from reputable makers.

Available from our warehouse are:
  • hollow shafts for pusher centrifuges, e.g. Krauss Maffei SZ 70
  • substitute drums for Krauss Maffei HZ 40, HZ 63 and HZ 80
  • doors for Krauss Maffei HZ 100 with discharge screw
  • disk for plate dryer e.g. Krauss Maffei TTB 20/8
  • shovel for plate dryers
  • screens for all pushers centrifuges from all manufacturers
  • bearings
  • gaskets
  • shaft protection sleeves
  • hydraulic power unit
  • hydraulic parts like directional control valves, throttle valves, etc...
When needed new spare parts will be custom made to fit. For example:
  • centrifuge drums for peeler or pusher centrifuges
  • shafts
  • shaft protection sleeves
  • discharge screws and spiral pump hutches
  • screws for sieve type screw centrifuges, e.g. for the make Siebtechnik
  • casing, e.g. filtrate casing for pusher centrifuges
  • drum extension for pusher centrifuges
  • decanter drum and screw