Our general - rebuilt, used equipment is not a compromise to new equipment but rather an equal alternative to new equipment.

When we purchase used equipment we do a comprehensive appraisal and check up on the equipment.

These machines are specifically equipped for the new implementation and modified according to requirements. Also, the reconstruction according to ATEX is carried out without compromise.

ATEX- specification: EEx ll 2G llB T4

After the overhaul work has been completed, the centrifuges go through an eight hour test run where the bearing temperature is continually measured and documented in a test report. A record of the vibration measurement as well as the active force record of the drum during the test run completes the machine documentation.

Also, the UVV which is carried out in a disassembled state is verified in the centrifuge book.

We have a full 12 month mechanical warranty excluding the wear and tear of parts.

The equipment documentation is updated and completed and if necessary new diagrams of parts that we have manufactured will be supplied.