Melli Automazione is an Italian manufacturer of inertisation and oxygen monitoring systems. In Italy Melli Automazione is the market leader in products for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

Second First Machinery GmbH is their trading partner in the German-speaking region.

Explosion danger:

A combustion reaction is triggered when three different conditions are simultaneously fulfilled:
  • the presence of a concentration of combustibles that lie between the upper and lower flammability limit
  • the presence of an oxidising agent, for e.g. the oxygen in the air
  • the presence of a fire danger source which is triggered by a combustion reaction
To avoid fires and explosions, the three above mentioned conditions must be excluded from occurring simultaneously.

Course of action:
To minimise the danger of an explosion, you must secure a potentially dangerous atmosphere. To do this inert gas, e.g. nitrogen is given into the protective system which considerably reduces the oxygen percentage and thus removes the responsible parts for causing an explosion. Through the constant analysis of the reduction of oxygen content, Melli Automazione has taken the safest path.