Control systems

The complete centrifuge control system is in our scope of delivery. It is based on a control system programmable from memory.

The Siemens Simatic S7 series is predominantly used.

Together with our customers we put together a product specification sheet, which later serves as the basis for implementation of the centrifuge control system.

The standard control system is comprised of: a manual (semi-automatic), automatic and service operation, as well as the operating sequence of a recipe/composition

Our modularly structured control systems allow us to later upgrade further recipes/compositions in our program sequence with little time and effort.

In an explosion hazardous area, the on-site operator station is mostly installed in the immediate vicinity of the centrifuge.* Here, components which are certified according to ATEX are exclusively used. As a standard in process visualization, we use PC10.4 panel with the latest TFT technology. The advantage of this equipment is amongst other things that it can be connected directly through a bus line with a higher-order control system, so that the laying of blue self-secured cables is not required.
*ATEX- identification label: Ex II 2G Ex e q (ib) IIC T4

Measuring and control technology (MSR)

Operational workflow
Programming of the control system

Final inspection

Quality control according to internal inspection instructions
FAT (factory acceptance test)
SAT (site acceptance test)


Wiring diagrams, electric circuit diagram, terminal block diagram, continuous function chart
Equipment lists for all electrical components
EC type test certificate
CE declaration of conformity
Centrifuge program on CD

After Sales Service

On-site support for installation
On-site initial start up operation
Training of operating personnel
Maintenance ( UVV- test according to GUV G926)
Spare parts
Repair / upgrading