We deliver the complete and necessary components for the secure operation of your centrifuge.
Amongst other things:
  • hydraulic unit
  • Lubrication unit
  • Directional control valves, also according to ATEX
  • Sensors, detectors and switches
  • Automatic feed control system
  • Motors (according to ATEX)
  • Frequency converters, power feedback unit
  • Control cabinets with centrifuge program
  • On site control panels, also according to ATEX
  • Springs and buffer elements
  • Steel foundation plate, custom made, drilled and coated
  • Special tools, such as basket lifter
  • Milled sieves for pusher centrifuges
  • Filter strainer cloth, e.g. custom made PP material
  • Case coated with for example Halar, Teflon, etc...
  • Inertisation units (complete), certified according to SIL2 on demand also including 02 gauging (redundancy gauging) installation in explosion-hazard area possible! make Melli Automazione